Jalen Ramsey’s changing his mind about Josh Allen


Jalen Ramsey can refuse to admit it all he wants, but he changed his opinion about Josh Allen as a player after yesterday’s 24-21 Bills win over the Jaguars. After making remarks about the rookie QB being “trash” and mocking him early in the year, the former Florida State Seminole couldn’t do anything to slow down the rookie playmaker.

When asked about Allen’s performance after the game, Ramsey looked like someone who doesn’t want to give too many props to the previously criticized QB, but also couldn’t refuse to recognize the impact he caused in the game: “He did enough to get their team the win”, said the CB. “I don’t really know the stats. I know he ran the ball really well (and) he hurt us with his feet. Passing it didn’t feel like a lot of opportunities; we have to watch the film. They did have one deep one on us early that hurt us in the first quarter. Other than that he was causing damage with his feet.”

After this statement, one reporter was quick to ask if he changed his perception about the Bills’ rookie QB. Ramsey again was defensive in his answer:

 The good thing about the world we live in is everyone can have an opinion. I stick by my
opinions usually. It was with his feet, he did enough for the team to get a win and that’s really
what matters at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what I said, I’m sure that’s what he was
thinking on his side, you can have opinions but it’s about what you go out there and do and what he did was go out there for his team and get a win. – Jalen Ramsey, Jaguars CB

Not satisfied, the reporter insisted and directly asked “so, he still’s trash”. Ramsey, clearly wanting to put a final point in the topic, side-stepped the question again. “That’s not what I said. You heard what I said, next question,” finished the Jacksonville’s star.

No matter how much Ramsey wanted to avoid admitting his perception of Allen changed, his actions on the field showed it. After watching the rookie running over his teammates, eluding pressure, and throwing darts all over the field, leading Buffalo to a victory, the star defensive back was quick to run in Allen’s direction and show him some respect.

It’s becoming a trend in Allen’s rookie season. Even being far from a finished product and having many flaws, opponents who face him have been recognizing and respecting the way the young QB competes on the field. He’s a baller, and NFL players respect those. His most outspoken critic may have just become a fan.