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Losing Kyle Williams in 2015 hurt the Bills more than just in the box score. His leadership and work ethic were sorely missed. He’s been one of Buffalo’s best players so far this season racking up two sacks, two QB hits, and four QB hurries. According to Pro Football focus, he has 8 total stops which is #1 in the league for 3-4 defensive ends, his sack total is second for his position, and his 9 solo tackles tie him for first in the NFL.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

5. Bills DL Kyle Williams has seven run stops this season, the most for 3-4 defensive ends.

Despite Kyle Williams being one of the oldest defensive players in the NFL, he is still producing at a high level against the run. His 82.6 run-defense grade is fourth-best among interior linemen in the NFL this season. He is facing a New England offense that has both quarterbacks hurting. The Patriots’ run game is going to be very important, and Williams will be one of the most imperative players in stopping it. Per Pro Football Focus

Kyle Williams has come a long way so let’s pay tribute to a guy that just oozes Buffalo.


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