McDermott’s Defensive Philosophy | Safety Fill


Photo Credit Joe Croom


Head Coach Sean McDermott has compiled players that possess traits that he believes will fit the roles needed to carry out his defensive philosophy. There’s a reason the organization went out and signed Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde early in free agency. They are guys that possess certain skills that McDermott believes are must haves for the safety position and if you look at his defensive scheme you will understand. In McDermott’s over front, safeties are sometimes responsible for a run gap. So having safeties that are willing and able to come screaming downhill to make tackles is a must.

The defense is in a nickel over front and you see the linebackers slide to their gap at the snap. The backers get down hill, the defensive lineman gain the proper leverage to own their gaps and finally the safety Tre Boston flies downhill to wrap up the running back.


From what you have seen so far this season, do you think the new Bills safeties possess the skills necessary to be effective in that role?