NFL Preseason: Bills QB Nathan Peterman picked apart Panthers with Brian Daboll’s tailor-made gameplan


All three of the Buffalo Bills’ quarterbacks fared well during the team’s first exhibition contest of the 2018 NFL preseason. Nathan Peterman, the team’s fifth-round draft pick in 2017, got the starting nod and was as efficient as can be. Peterman completed nine of his 10 passing attempts, throwing for 119 yards and one touchdown before AJ McCarron took over in the second quarter.

Bills OC Brian Daboll gets the most out of Nathan Peterman

Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll did a phenomenal job scripting plays that fit the specific strengths of the Bills’ three quarterbacks. In the case of Nathan Peterman, Daboll focused on ball control and the quick passing game. In 10 drop backs, Peterman got rid of the ball in under 2.5 seconds seven times. He averaged 2.36 seconds from snap-to-attempt – a much quicker time than AJ McCarron (3.51) and Josh Allen (3.33). This gameplan works in favor of Peterman, as long as he is able to read the defense pre and post-snap and throws with anticipation.

The Pitt alum isn’t known for his arm strength, and certainly won’t ever be able to make some of the throws Josh Allen can make – he simply doesn’t have that type of arm.  Quarterbacks that don’t possess elite physical traits have to compensate elsewhere in order to be effective.

Nathan Peterman relies on his mental processing and his ability to anticipate developing routes. He showed those qualities against the Carolina Panthers, but the question is, as the playbook opens up, can Peterman make some of the throws needed on, say, third-and-long? Can he deliver a pass with enough velocity to not only reach his target on time, but place it properly against upper-echelon defenders? That remains unknown.

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Nonetheless, Nathan Peterman took advantage of what the Panthers gave him, and that’s what you want from your quarterback. He displayed the ability to read and process coverages and understand what he needed to do to extend drives and ultimately put points on the board.

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