Play Design Clinches the Win!


On third and seven with 1:42 left in the game and the clock running, Anthony Lynn needed a play that would keep the clock running but give Shady a chance to convert. Lynn ‘hit’ and the play got the Bills a much-needed win.

Lynn’s success as a coordinator this season has been due to his creativeness with his personnel and the design of his plays. According to the National Football League Game Statistics & Information System (NFL GIS) Lynn has utilized 270 different personnel/lineup combinations. Those do include when guys are injured but it just goes to show how much defenses have to prepare for.

The personnel used on this play: tight ends Nick O’Leary, Charles Clay, running back Lesean Mccoy, extra offensive lineman Cyrus Kouandjio along with the other lineman has not been a combination Lynn has utilized this season according to NFL GIS. This is important because when defenses are preparing during the week, they decide how they want to match up versus EVERY personnel grouping.

On this play, Lynn uses common tendencies (heavy set) and some ‘eye candy’ (motion) to get Shady into the open.


The grouping and alignment screams run to the strength, but Lynn throws an ‘orbit’ motion by Tate to make the defense think. The ‘eye candy’ is confusing to the second level defenders. The offensive lineman, whom the LBs are reading, block to their left and Taylor even opens counterclockwise screaming run left. But the ‘eye candy’ not only causes the linebackers responsibilities to change, it also creates a slight hesitation because it creates a split flow look. Simply put, the line and Taylor’s action makes the LBs think run to the defenses right, but the action by Tate is the split flow of the possible jet sweep or run to the defenses left.

The ball is snapped and Taylor pitches it to Shady.


O’Leary and Clay block down while Glenn pulls to wipe out the corner. The hesitation by the second level defenders allows Richie Incognito to climb to the second level. Shady gets into the alley and clinches the win.


Victory formation

Another great play call by first-year coordinator Anthony Lynn. Here’s the play in full.

***If you have trouble viewing, open in Youtube.***

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