Premium Content: Josh Allen Film Room


Over the last few months, subscribers have asked for an area on the site to come and watch film on specific players. Well, the changes were made to the site and the files have been uploaded. The first player available is first-round draft pick Josh Allen. Anytime I add new film on Allen, the page will be updated. The tags for each clip will be short but should give you a good idea of what to look for in the film. If you see a + or – in the tag that typically means the play was graded as good or bad. For Allen’s playlist, it only encompasses about 75% of the film I cut up, unfortunately, I can only upload up to a certain file size.

The addition of these capabilities are because of your contributions to Cover 1. Please let us know if you have any comments and or suggestions. You will need to login to view this area of the site. Hope you enjoy it!

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Click the image to be taken to the Josh Allen Video Library: