QB Josh Rosen’s Understanding of NFL Reads and Progressions


While the rumors are that Sam Darnold from USC is likely to be chosen by the Browns at number one overall, I think it is safe to say that UCLA’s QB Josh Rosen is likely the better signal caller at this moment. Each of the quarterbacks in this draft has his warts, but from an NFL perspective, Rosen is the most polished.


Rosen has played in several different systems as a Bruin, and he has shown the ability to play in entirely different systems while having complete command of them.


In 2017, he was able to consistently identify coverages pre-snap, digest the coverage post-snap, understand who his read is, work through the progressions quickly, and then deliver accurately.


Rosen’s understanding of the play design and defense’s coverage allows him to play fast. When his initial read wasn’t there on this Y-stick concept he would quickly move onto his 2nd or 3rd read, or even work the backside route combination as it attacks the middle of the field.




When you analyze this quarterback class, he is the quarterback that exhibits the ability to play within the play structure and execute it consistently at the speed the NFL expects.


There are numerous plays on tape where he not only scanned the frontside of the play, but also the backside, just to be sure that his receiver would have advantageous leverage. He shows that here, as he is able to get the ball out after checking both sides of the defense, delivering this pass accurately in approximately 2.1 seconds. Per Pro Football Focus, Rosen delivered 25% of his throws in 2.5 seconds or less and completed a whopping 74% of those passes. On those plays he averaged 9 yards/attempt, with 9 touchdowns and only 1 interception.


That’s a testament to his ability to mentally process coverages pre- to post-snap and distribute the ball accurately, something that he showed week in and week out with a concept known as the Spot/Snag concept. Here is a sneak peek at some of the premium content you can expect from us this season at Cover 1.

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