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What a way to start the final weekend of the 2017 NFL regular season. The Bills will play their final game of the year, a game that means nothing. Most fans are already checked out and looking forward to moves that can improve the team in 2017, which is why as soon as news broke that Interim Head Coach Anthony Lynn has the proverbial ‘inside track’ to become the next Head Coach, it created quite the buzz. Ian Rapoport dropped the nugget overnight and from the way the season has come to an end I don’t think we are surprised.


Even Jason LaCanfora has some intel:

Lynn has definitely paid his dues over the years as a position coach, but his ascension from running backs coach this season to offensive coordinator to possibly becoming the next Head Coach is almost unheard of. But in my opinion, he does deserve a shot, whether it is in Buffalo or not. My guess, is that it will be, in Buffalo.

I think he has the demeanor and coaching style that this team needs. But he also brings in the philosophy that he must adapt to his personnel which is what fans have been clamoring for since Rex took over the team, more specifically the defense.

Lynn puts Watkins in motion as ‘eye candy’ . It draws the attention of three defenders and gets Shady into the end zone.

But most fans on social media, weren’t worried so much about who took over as Head Coach. Most fans were worried about who the team would look to hire to run the defense. Well that news broke nice and early as well. Here’s a tweet from Adam Schefter:

Of course nothing is definitive, seeing as how the season is not over but if this comes true this should be great news to Bills fans. To put it simply, Gus Bradley has failed as a head coach, but as a coordinator he is exactly what this defense needs. First, he typically plays a 4-3 defense, here is a good article from a few years back but it has evolved a bit. If the move to hire him occurs, you know I will break his defense down, but that is a story for another day. But the scheme is the most exciting news to most fans I speak with. That will allow the Bills defensive talent to shine more than it did in Rex’s scheme. Bradley typically employs an attacking, cover 3 defense, in the mold of what Seattle utilizes.


It typically isn’t a blitz heavy scheme, it is one that relies on it’s talent up front to create pressure. I am sure that Marcell would approve of this move to hire him.

Bradley has shown the ability to adapt to his personnel also. In 2016, he did just that. He had very good man cover corners in Prince Amukamura and rookie Jalen Ramsey, so he did play more man coverage that what is typically run in this defense.

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The Bills will need corner talent to run the scheme. Ramsey was exactly what Bradley needed, does this mean Gilmore could be back?? Check out the story and some of his scheme broken down here:

Adapting to his personnel made a heck of a difference. According to Football Outsiders, the Jaguars defense is 11th overall in their DVOA rankings this season.

Secondly, from what I hear or read about him, he is known as a disciplinarian. How true that is, is debatable, because when you read reports on this years Jags team, you see contradicting reports. That isn’t surprising to me, because when coaches get hired or fired,  buzz words such as ‘discipline’ or ‘disciplinarian’ usually creep their way into the narrative. Heck it did here right?

If you look at some of his DVOA rankings on defense over the years, you generally see his defenses improve. In Seattle (highlighted yellow) and Jacksonville, he was a part of a complete organizational overhauls. So I can understand why it took a few years for his defenses to improve. Take the stats for what they are, stats, all I am saying is make sure there is also context.

In Seattle with Pete Carroll, they began focusing on the draft and grooming talent. Once that system was in place and that core was built, their defense became dominant and has been since. Bradley had a lot to do with that transformation.

In Jacksonville, I mean, do I really need to examine that? Much like the Bills they have struggled for many years. But from a drafting and personnel standpoint, St. Francis High graduate GM Dave Caldwell who took over in 2013, has done a tremendous job bringing in talent. I just think Bradley lost the ear of the team and although they began to improve on defense, the team needed to make a change.

What should also be exciting to hear about the Bills possibly hiring Bradley is that not only do his defenses play fast, but they are good tackling teams. Yeah that’s right, the fundamental premise of defense. Something the Bills were the third worst at this season.

In 2016, Bradley’s defense in Jacksonville were one of the best tackling teams. According to Football Outsiders, they were the fourth best tackling team in the NFL.

Overall, I have always thought that Anthony Lynn had the right mentality to be a head coach. He has the demeanor I like to see in my head coach but he also adapts to the personnel and times. If he is brought on permanently, and brings in Gus Bradley as his defensive coordinator, that is one step in the right direction. A direction that will hopefully end this cycle of losing and the drought that has haunted the Bills organization for much too long.


Something to keep an eye on down the road.

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