Scouting Report | RB Nick Chubb – Georgia


Personal Background

Athletic Background

  • High school
    • Played in the U.S. Army All-American Game
    • Parade All-American
    • four-star prospect
    • five-star prospect
    • Senior year 2,690 yards rushing and 41 touchdowns; junior year led state in rushing with 2,721 yards and 38 TDs
    • Won a Georgia state title in shot put, on a throw of 55 feet
    • Qualified for states in the 100- and 200-meter dashes
    • Finished second in the nation in SPARQ testing
  • College
    • SEC freshman of the year

Injury history

  • 2015
    • Tore three ligaments in this left knee


  • 47 FBS games
    • Career
      • 758 attempts, 4,769 yards, 44 touchdowns
      • 31 receptions, 316 yards, 4 touchdowns
      • Did not fumble in 2017
  • Pro Football Focus 2017 statistics
    • 3.77 yards after contact/attempt, 55 forced missed tackles, 95.2 elusive rating (4th-highest in class), percentage of not tackled on first contact: 35% (21st)
    • 18 runs of 15+ yards in 2017
    • Pass blocking efficiency – 88.8 (71st)

Film Reviewed

  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi State


  • Year – Senior
  • Height –5107
  • Weight – 227 pounds
  • Official 40 time – 4.52


  • Impressive athlete considering his build
    • Elite leg and hip strength
  • Thick, muscular build with a low center of gravity and tree trunk legs
  • Trustworthy, go-to back in critical moments
  • Unselfish player
  • Pound for pound might be the most physically and mentally tough player in this draft
    • Has overcome a gruesome injury and has never lost confidence in his physical abilities
  • Good speed with very good play strength
    • Can win with speed or power
    • Once at top gear he is very tough to catch
  • Above average vision pre- and post-snap
    • Shown the ability to get skinny through gaps
    • Ability to change his angle and plan off attack prior to entering the line of scrimmage
    • Able to hit gaps just vacated by over aggressive downhill defenders
  • Processes all types of run blocking schemes well, but really excels in inside and outside zone runs
    • One cut runner
    • Confident, natural cutter
    • Shows the ability to read the Mike linebacker in ‘duo’ (gap) concept; the linebacker filled interior gap so he bounced the play wide
    • Looks more natural cutting against the grain versus running the ladder and bouncing it wide
  • Uses slight lower body hip and feet movements to screw with approaching defender’s tacking angles
  • ALWAYS has his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage
  • Maneuvers well in tight/confined spaces
    • Very good at avoiding trash at his feet
    • Ability to manipulate his stride to avoid (euro-step)
    • Runs with GREAT lean
    • Powers through contact
    • Tremendous contact balance
    • Runs as if he is in a rubber room, bounces off defenders and keeps legs churning allowing him to break tackles of defensive linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs
  • Doesn’t lose power on cutbacks, actually gains power/ability to break tackles as his lower center of gravity and leg strength causes defenders to slip off
  • Average pass blocker
    • Shown the ability to move his feet to drive a rusher wide
    • Decent cut blocker who will cut and roll to carry out the effectiveness of the block


  • More fast than quick
    • I wonder if he has the quickness/burst needed to gain the edge in the NFL
  • Average fluidity and feet
    • Corners more than utilizes crips cuts
    • Tends to fire his feet when needing to make jump cuts
    • Doesn’t show the ability to make lateral cuts to jump gaps
  • Tight-hipped runner
  • Not a sudden athlete
  • Not a runner that is going to use his lower body to elude defenders
    • Instead uses power to gain clear path to open field
  • Does not appear to be a creative runner
    • Rarely plays above the scheme
      • Will take what the defense gives him, put his head down and plow forward instead of trying to create
  • Limited touches as a receiver
    • Average hands, can let the ball get into his body
    • Limited by his athletic limitations (tight hips, lack of burst) to separate consistently
  • Still needs to improve his technique as a pass blocker, at times is indecisive about how to approach the block


Sometimes you come across guys in the draft that you just gravitate to once you do your research on them. Running back Nick Chubb is one of those guys. The story behind his name, what it stands for and how he carries it is fascinating. His name and DNA have fueled his career, and his ability to overcome that gruesome knee injury should come as no surprise.

Chubb’s best fit would be in a run-centric scheme featuring heavy doses of inside and outside zone. His ability to keep his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, run with strong lean, balance, and raw strength helps him break an enormous amount of tackles and should allow him to have a very long career. If healthy, he is a thoroughbred running back with the physical abilities to carry the load. Chubb graded out as a 4.77, which is a second round grade, and he projects to fall in that range.