Scouting Reports | WR Cooper Kupp




Summary Report:

Senior wide receiver that appeared in 52 career games and left college as the career leader in receptions with 428 and touchdowns with 76. Utilized primarily as a slot wide receiver in a spread offense that utilized a lot of RPOs and WR screens.

He has very good height but could look to add 5-10 pounds onto his frame. Overall, he has solid AA with solid play speed, good quickness, and good agility.

Solid release ability from the slot position, displays good lean and solid explosiveness during drive phase. Good route running skills versus Zone and Man coverage due to his good mental processing. Able to diagnose zone coverages, settle and show his numbers in the middle of the field.

Against Man coverage he processes the defensive back’s leverage and manipulates the player with good feet/COD skills that he highlights with stutter releases and good pacing throughout the route stem.

Good at separating at the top of the route with several shoulder fakes, utilizing his hands well. 

Very good hands; looks the ball in and catches with his hands.

Good body control; able to rotate his body into a position to get defender in his line of sight in order to set up his first move or to shield the ball from incoming hit.

Exhibits good competitive toughness and good play strength with the ball in his hands.  Eyes are immediately on first defender after the catch, keeping defenders at arm’s length with a stiff arm, leading to solid YAC.

Solid straight line speed limits his ability as a vertical threat, therefore has to rely on double moves in order to get vertical against off coverage. Exhibits adequate play strength and marginal leaping ability when defenders are pressed against him as he is elevating.

Overall, he is a role player as a big WR out of the slot. Will need weapons on the outside to lift coverage. Lives in the short to intermediate levels where he is able to manipulate second level defenders and utilize his very good body control and very good hands to secure the ball. Solid straight line speed will hinder his ability to get deep consistently. Will struggle to win a majority of one-on-one matchups due to his adequate play strength and marginal leaping ability.

Potential Bills fit:

The Bills only have four wide receivers under contract for 2017, including Sammy Watkins, Marcus Easley, Walter Powell and Kolby Listenbee, so the position will need to be addressed from several different avenues. Kupp would be a good fit in Rick Dennison‘s offense for several reasons. He is a wide receiver that can separate at the top of his routes due to his route running skills. He utilizes stutter releases and changes the pace of his route throughout the route stem, which gets him open versus both man and zone coverage. This is critical in the west coast, rhythmic passing attack that Dennison will likely implement.

His sweet spot is the short to intermediate areas of the field, making him a good complement to tight end Charles Clay, who also works those areas really well. Those areas will be the primary area of attack on naked bootlegs and rollouts. But the most attractive trait that Kupp would bring to this offense is his catching ability. Kupp has very good hands and is able to catch the ball away from his body, and that is extremely important when you have a QB like Taylor, who struggles with accuracy.

Grade: Mid to late 3rd round