Should he stay or should he go? – LT Cordy Glenn

The Buffalo Bills have a lot of decisions to make regarding their roster for the 2018 NFL season. Left tackle Cordy Glenn is one of the highest paid players under contract ($14.45M cap hit according Spotrac) and, after struggling all 2017 season with an ankle injury, he can become expendable with Dion Dawkins looking promising as the Bills’ franchise left tackle moving forward. Should the Bills keep Glenn alongside Dawkins? Should they let him go for draft compensation and more cap space?

Glenn injured his ankle in the offseason and was never 100% healthy in 2017. Trying to play through the injury and with sparse practice time, he started 5 of the 6 games for which he was available before being placed on injured reserve, playing just 275 snaps on the season. To boot, he had a poor -2.6 Pro Football Focus overall rating. Glenn wasn’t his usual self, especially in the run blocking department (-1.9 PFF run blocking grade), where it became obvious his ailing ankle was limiting his movement skills, a killer in former OC Rick Dennison’s zone running schemes.

By last season’s trade deadline with Dawkins already showing promise, we heard rumors about Glenn being moved by GM Brandon Beane, but it never materialized. Now, with the offseason upon us, it’s very possible Beane will look at his options regarding Glenn again, especially if he can transform the left tackle into more draft ammunition.

The Bills are in a decent situation cap-wise and Glenn, when healthy, is a top-15 left tackle in this league, in my opinion. With a lot of time for a full recovery, we have no reason to doubt Glenn coming back and playing at his normal level in 2018. Dawkins’s performance gives the Bills the option to switch one of them to the right side and being set at the bookends for the foreseeable future. If Beane could find a really good offer for Glenn before the draft, a second round pick at least, then I would pull the trigger, because this draft is really important for the Bills regarding the QB position; all ammunition for a possible trade up will be crucial. But after a down year, it’s difficult to see someone paying a steep price for Glenn right now. In this case, the Bills had better keep him, solidify the offensive line, and, if him or Dawkins can’t make the switch to the right side successfully, then re-evaluate a move in the future, with Glenn hopefully showing he’s back at full strentgh.

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7 comments on Should he stay or should he go? – LT Cordy Glenn

  1. Charles Territo says:

    You made a very compelling argument. In a perfect world this would not be any kind of argument. So, maybe keep him alongside Dawkins but DD as the RT and CG as the LT. CG has played RT for a long time and changing to the Left may not work. DD as RT because of his less time may make the transition easier. However, trading CG is still an option to think about.

  2. Glenn Wright says:

    If anyone has followed DD college career then you should already know that DD is a young Bull at the LT position and his numbers don’t lie. So we have to examine exactly what the front office is trying to do with the 2018 draft, get another quarter back or stick with what they already have in Tyrod. I’m no expert analyst or anything but from a fans perspective lets keep what we got and let Shady run, Run Shady…

    1. Charles Territo says:

      Not to discredit you but? CG has been an All Pro whereas DD has not, yet. Now by being younger and with less experience than CG, it makes sense to put each at LR, CG and RT, DD. All if they do keep CG? Another truth is that Shady has always ran well with CG blocking for him.
      Tyrod has to go. He hit his ceiling his first and only good year in his first year. As I’ve said numerous times, Mobile QB’s last 2-3 years before they lose whatever they had. A rare few have made decent careers. So, yes drafting a QB is a neccessity.

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