The Buffalo Bills’ Senior Bowl Draftees


The 2018 NFL Draft has come and gone, and the Bills added eight new players to their squad.

1(7) QB Josh Allen Wyoming
1(15) LB Tremaine Edmunds Virginia Tech
3(96) DT Harrison Phillips Stanford
4(121) CB Taron Johnson Weber St.
5(154) CB Siran Neal Jacksonville St.
5(166) G Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech
6(187) WR Ray Ray Mccloud Clemson
7(255) WR Austin Proehl UNC


These are players that the Bills’ front office had been scouting for at least a year. Their area scouts are often on the road for 250-300 days a year meeting with prospect coaches, speaking with people close to them, doing background investigations, and ultimately watching hours upon hours of tape. While their work culminates on draft night, there’s an event that has been crucial to the Bills’ draft habits: the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

Bills Northeast Scout Pete Harris and Virginia Tech’s Pro Day


What’s so fascinating about the event is that anyone and everyone that is involved with the NFL attends. It is also one of the few events where everyone in the Buffalo Bills Scouting Department will be on hand to scout players together, and this year the Senior Bowl appeared to (again) play a major part in their draft.


Bills trade with the Ravens to draft LB Tremaine Edmunds. Beane having a conversation with Super Agent Tom Condon (CAA) who represents QB Josh Allen and LB Tremaine Edmunds.



Of the eight Bills draftees, five were in attendance at the the Senior Bowl. This aligns with their 2017 draft, when four out of six players from the Senior Bowl were drafted.


The organization now puts a premium on seniors – guys who have stayed in school, matured, gotten game experience and production under their belts.

Since the team appears to place a high value on players that attend this event, I figured I would go back and round up all of the Senior Bowl footage and bring it to you. Enjoy!

QB Josh Allen




DT Harrison Phillips







CB Taron Johnson





Johnson is in off coverage and Berrios gets him all sorts of turned around. Johnson needs to do a better job of attacking the low shoulder as Berrios makes his first break outside, then the outside shoulder when Berrios shows his numbers to the QB.


The receiver, Watson, gets physical with Johnson, and it becomes an easy pitch and catch.



S Siran Neal




On the snap, Neal kick steps inside and puts his feet outside his frame. He then attempts to disrupt WR Ateman, but Ateman shrinks his surface area and uses his hands to avoid the press. This puts Neal out of position to smoothly transition, and the receiver is able to separate because Neal’s balance hasn’t fully recovered.



G Wyatt Teller








UDFA CB Levi Wallace

Wallace does a great job of showing quiet feet, letting WR Chark declare his route, and then using his hands irritate the receiver. But you can tell he lacks the long speed to consistently stay with talent like Chark.


Another solid rep here by Wallace. He quickly opens to the receiver, gets into his hip pocket, senses Chark leaning into him signaling an inside break, so he gets inside, snaps his head around to the QB, and makes a play on the ball.