The Cover 1 Playbook: What Are Keys and Hand Usage vs Counter with DaQuan Jones



In this Cover 1 Glossary clip, DaQuan Jones discusses his approach to defending a gap run play against the Jets, focusing on his use of hands and leverage to outmaneuver blockers. He anticipates the play’s development, adjusts his technique accordingly, and emphasizes the importance of effective hand usage to gain control over opponents in defensive line play.


  • Jones analyzes the gap run play against the Jets, highlighting his anticipation of the blocking scheme and his strategy to counter it.
  • He emphasizes the significance of playing with hands effectively, enabling him to gain leverage and disrupt the momentum of blockers.
  • Jones demonstrates how he establishes initial leverage by getting underneath the center, rendering him powerless and allowing for a quick shed and takedown.


Jones provides insights into his defensive technique and decision-making process during a specific play. By sharing his approach to hand usage and leverage, Jones aims to showcase the importance of these skills in effectively countering opposing offenses and disrupting plays. Additionally, he aims to emphasize the significance of anticipation and adaptability in defensive playmaking.

Find the full interview with DaQuan Jones here.