Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds is Maturing Quickly


The Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff has put a lot of responsibility on rookie linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. At times, his play has resembled that of a 20-year-old, and rightfully so. But he is taking it in stride and working on improving each and every rep.

Through three preseason games, Edmunds has nine total tackles and five stops. He currently sits 9th in run stop percentage, per Pro Football Focus (PFF), with a 12.5% run stop percentage.

Per PFF, he allows a reception every 16.7 snaps, which is exceptional, and it ranks him third among all inside linebackers. Edmunds has been targeted four times and only surrendered three receptions for 22 yards. He’s a long and rangy defender whom quarterbacks need to find pre-snap.

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While his game is a work in progress, he has held his own among a veteran-heavy defense, and I suspect that once the regular season commences, this coaching staff is going to unleash him even more.

Let’s jump into the film room and break down how Edmunds’s athleticism is starting to shine as the young linebacker gains more experience.