Two Areas of the Saints’ Defense the Bills Need to Attack


**Safety Kenny Vaccaro did not practice Thursday due to an injured groin, so he may not play. Something to keep an eye on come Sunday morning.**


Quarterback Drew Brees is a household name on offense, and he is still commanding one of the most dangerous attacks in the NFL. But the defensive turnaround in New Orleans is what has led many to believe that the Saints are truly a Super Bowl contender. After scouring through four games worth of defensive film, I came across some areas that the Bills could attack with some success.

To start, the Bills need to get LeSean McCoy and this offensive line back on track. Buffalo’s offensive line should be able to create some lanes for Shady, and that plan of attack should start squarely between the tackles. According to Sharp Football Stats, over the last four games the Saints have given up a healthy dose per carry inside to opposing rushers.


Specifically, offenses have executed power runs off the left side, and New Orleans’ opponents have gotten three explosive runs by utilizing this concept.


In the passing game Buffalo should get some advantageous looks against safety Kenny Vaccaro. He has played really well for the the revamped defense, but his role may put him in a tough spot against the Bills. The Saints love to have Vaccaro in the box in their base defense, typically lined up right over their opponent’s tight end. He displays the physicality needed to stop the run and the ability to match up with most tight ends in the passing game. When defensive coordinator Dennis Allen goes into their nickel package, Vaccaro now becomes the slot corner, with rookie Marcus Williams and Vonn Bell typically assuming the roles of traditional safeties.

This is where Buffalo needs to expose Vaccaro, especially if tight end Charles Clay returns from injury. He has the burst to easily separate from the standout safety.

For more information on how he is utilized, check out the video below.