Why Josh Rosen is the #1 Player on the Bills’ Board


Draft day is almost here, and the Bills surely have a plan to finally find their first true franchise QB since Jim Kelly. After looking at every conceivable scenario, I have come to the conclusion that Josh Rosen is the “chosen one” by this Bills brass.

First of all, he’s clearly the best QB is this class right now. He doesn’t have the athleticism of his counterparts, but other than that, you can’t say any other prospect is vastly superior to him.


Rosen is clearly the most ready guy to be a day one starter, the best pocket passer of this class, one of the most accurate passers, and his arm strength is up there with the best in this class, with only Josh Allen being clearly on another level in this department.

Rosen’s character has been questioned in this pre-draft process, but what many people see as a concern, I strongly believe Beane and McDermott see as a strength. We’re talking about a pretty bright kid, who has his own opinions and don’t shy from to sharing them. He doesn’t hide who he really is, wants to know what he’s being asked to do and why, and this way when convinced by his coaches with strong arguments, do his best to achieve their goals and lead his team to success. He wants to be great and demands the same from everyone around him, players and coaches, not accepting mediocrity or being led the wrong way. Watching McDermott and Beane working last year, I can’t see those characteristics being negatives in their eyes, especially at the most important position. Look at how they value Kyle Williams, a guy who hadn’t any ties with them before last season. Rosen’s smart, bright, and hard-working enough to be the Kyle Williams of the Bills’ offense.

Recently, we’re seeing a lot of rumors about a potential Rosen fall in this year’s draft. It would be a dream scenario for the Bills. People are questioning how much he can improve, if he has reached his ceiling already, or if he’s really close to it. To me, this assessment is ill-founded.


So, a guy worked really hard to be so pro-ready and mechanically sound at such a young age, and now he will not be able to improve after going pro? I never saw those questions about Peyton or Eli Manning, or about Andrew Luck. Peyton was as perfect a prospect as you could find, and look at his rookie year and how he improved after that, year after year. Rosen being advanced at this stage doesn’t guarantee he will set the NFL on fire as a rookie, though. He will need to adapt to a new type of game, stronger competition, and less margin for error.



But there’s no reason to not believe that, with time, he’ll become a premium pocket passer in this league. He has all the traits to achieve this status, and with his desire to be an all-time great, I have a hard time not seeing him as a top 10 NFL QB at some point in his career, and that’s his floor, in my opinion.



Beane and McDermott were at Carolina when the Panthers made Cam Newton the face of their franchise. His strong personality clearly wasn’t a problem. Rosen is a well-spoken kid who will make his franchise proud of him, on and off the field. With the Bills in the second year of “the process”, needing to find the face of the franchise to continue their journey back to prominence, I can’t see a better choice, risk/reward-wise, than Josh Rosen. He’s the Bills’ “Chosen One”.