Why It Worked | Nick O’Leary’s 28 Yard Reception


On 1st and 10 the Cardinals are expecting run, so they have 8 near the line of scrimmage. The Bills bring out 12 personnel and run an all verticals concept, with Clay running a double move down the seam. All verticals is a good concept to run vs. a single high zone look. The defensive coverage is unclear, but based on some of the defenders’ reactions, it appears to be a fire zone blitz with cover 3 on the back end. The CB jumps the double move by Clay and it leaves O’Leary wide open. Taylor puts some touch on it as to not lead him up field too much and into a big hit. Great execution!



Cover 1 Youtube Channel:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?layout=gallery&listType=playlist&list=UUlL6eJS1s8xmRoYRQbYgxQQ[/embedyt]