Why It Worked: Taylor to Clay vs. Broncos


Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor had one of his best games against the Denver Broncos defense in two years, and he did it without the aid of a run game.

Running back LeSean McCoy finished the game with 14 attempts for 21 yards, but regardless of how effective the run game is, the play action off of it will be effective because of Taylor’s mobility.

On Charles Clay’s second touchdown of the 2017 season he shows how critical a player he is in Dennison’s offense. Taylor fakes the outside zone run to McCoy as Clay blocks down on Von Miller. Clay washed Miller down as far as he could, which allowed Taylor to get outside of the pocket in a run/pass posture.

The Broncos are in man coverage, but as the Bills bring Matthews across the formation CB Talib passes him off and fails to slide to the middle to help his safety. Simmons, the single high free safety, must slide to his left as Taylor moves because the bootleg action is closing half of the field down.

Clay pivots to the middle and S Justin Simmons and CB Aqib Talib are both out of position to make a play in the middle of the field. This was a great play design that really attacked the essence of how the Broncos switch coverages in the red zone. Dennison, Taylor, and Clay took full advantage of it on Sunday.