Post 1st Round Press Conference | GM Beane, HC McDermott, QB Allen, LB Edmunds


General Manager Brandon Beane and Head Coach Sean McDermott
2018 NFL Draft First Round
Thursday, April 27, 2018

Q: Brandon why Allen over Rosen?

BB: Both are very good players. We just, talking about Allen, big, this is Buffalo. Big guy. An athlete. Really for his size, you look at all of the testing numbers and you look at the film. Very good athlete that makes plays in the pocket and on the run. He’s a really good kid. We did a lot of background on him and obviously the stuff came up today. We researched that and followed up with him, and we feel really good about it. He is Buffalo, you guys will see that when you meet him.


Q: When this thing played out were you a little bit surprised he was there after the first six? Was it patience paying off for you in this case because a lot of people thought you’d be making this trade to get someone before seventh?

BB: Yeah. I mean we called around, but we were trying to be diligent and find what we thought was the best landing spot for us. Patience paid off to save the 22nd pick. That was part of it, we were willing to part with it, but we were also excited to keep it and it worked out in our favor to land in the seven spot.


Q: Brandon obviously you had said a little over a week ago that it’s a GM’s responsibility to get a franchise quarterback. How much do you believe despite the fact that he’s a little bit of a project with the accuracy, that was a knock on him, that he can develop? How confident are you that he can be a franchise guy?

BB: No matter if we selected any quarterback, they all had something, a knock, on them. You’ve got to pick what you’re willing to deal with and work with. We just think his make-up is going to help him work on his flaws. We like a lot of his strengths and that will be part of our job here, is to accentuate his strengths and work on his fundamentals and the things that his so-called weaknesses are. I have no doubt he will do that John.


Q: Brandon, what gives you confidence that he can become a more accurate passer?

BB: Just all of the work we did. Listen, college football is very hard to scout because you’re talking about different levels, different players. It’s not like scouting in pro where they are all playing at the same level against the same competition. The closest thing that Josh Allen had to that was playing at the Senior Bowl. Obviously we didn’t just select him off the Senior Bowl, but that’s the closest where he is playing with people that are closest to his skill level.


Q: Were you aware of his tweets prior to this morning? What do you make of them? Why, when you talk about the character that Sean [McDermott] has mentioned so often in terms of that being so important to what you guys are trying to build, are you okay with those? Because they were filled with a lot racist and hateful language.

BB: No. Listen we don’t condone anything. We did our due diligence on him, we talked to him today. We spoke to him. We spoke to his coach again. We spoke to at least one of his teammates. We spoke to a lot of other people again to make sure that everything we had done through our whole process through the fall. This was a fourteen/fifteen year old, now I’m not making an excuse, but I know there is probably stuff that I would be disappointed in myself that I did at fourteen/fifteen. He’s going to come in here and own it. That is all he can do. He’s owned it and he’ll have to earn the trust of his teammates, the fanbase, the organization, and he has done all that he can do. He’ll have to do more when he gets here.


Q: Hey Sean, can you weigh in first on picking Josh [Allen] as a quarterback and then also do you backup what Brandon said about the tweeting?

SM: Yeah, I will just start with the tweeting topic real quick because Brandon did cover it and do a nice job. It’s was very serious when we got word of it last night/this morning. It’s something that we went back and drilled down further on again. In terms of digging back into some of the same conversations that we had as we went through the process up until today. It’s not something we tolerate around here whatsoever and our hope is that he will learn from this and will move forward from here. As Brandon mentioned we also spoke to Josh himself at length so we take it very seriously. As a player, like Brandon said, what you see on tape is size, athleticism, and we know how important playing in our conditions in terms of being able to throw the football, grip the football. He can make all of the throws and that type of stuff is some of the strengths that we saw. Certainly, as we know, no one is perfect and if you take the right approach, the right attitude, and you work at what you do you’ve got a chance to improve on some of those other areas. That’s our hope.


Q: Brandon was that a knock on Rosen, that he’s not Buffalo, that he can’t grip the ball in cold weather, was that a negative on Rosen?

BB: No, it wasn’t. Josh Rosen is a very good player. He was very much in consideration for this. You have to make a decision, it’s not easy. The size and athleticism were some of the big strengths of Allen. I don’t mean to dismiss Josh Rosen, he’s a very good player. I just really want to focus on Josh Allen and that’s why we chose him.


Q: Do you see Tremaine Edmunds fitting in right away? I know he has some versatility, but where does he fit in on the defense?

SM: He is a versatile athlete. He’s got size, length as you mentioned, he has played inside, he has played outside as well, he has played on the line of scrimmage as well as off the line of scrimmage. Some of that flexibility is what attracted us to him as well. We are real happy with what we did and credit goes to Brandon and his staff.


Q: When something comes up the way it did last night and you wake up and see these tweets, how much did you second guess your decision when you woke up this morning based on the tweets?

BB: We had to do our due diligence, and try to understand what it was about and when these occurred. At first you just see it and you’re like woah and we did that and I think that Sean said, or maybe someone else said it, but Terry and Kim [Pegula] were very involved in this process to vet it out. We all spoke to Josh, we spoke to people that are very close to Josh, including his head coach at Wyoming. This is not who this young man is today. I can’t speak to what he was as a fourteen/fifteen year old or what was being tweeted. We can’t find a person that would say anything negative about him, not one.


Q: Coach, in respect to just the first two picks so far, you’ve got some pretty young guys here so far. Has the dynamic changed at all or is that just pure coincidence?

SM: Every year is a little bit different. Every draft is different. You’re looking to find good football player. I don’t look for a certain outlier. They have to have a certain amount of years of experiences, they have to be a certain age, good football players and guys that handle things the right way. You look for guys that can make plays and certainly the quarterback position gives you that ability. Then you look on the defensive side with Tremaine and the versatility that was mentioned earlier in terms of changing games, affecting the quarterback in a lot of different ways is part of what attracted us to Tremaine.


Q: How high do you think the ceiling is on these two guys?

SM: We earn things around here. So, let’s just start there and these two young men are going to come in and embed into what we do and how we do things here. We’ve got a lot of good players already in that locker room that do things the right way. You mentioned quarterback and I’m going to go to Nate Peterman and A.J. and what they’ve done so far here. Then you go to the linebacker position with respect to Tremaine and Tanner, and what he has done this offseason. Let’s not lose sight of the guys that are already in that locker room and the work that they’re putting in.


Q: To get Josh, was there a spot where you knew it was now or never?

BB: No. You’ve just got to feel it out. Part of the process as you’re going down the line of teams is who is willing to move. I think I talked about this in one of my pressers earlier. There were teams we talked to that were not willing to move, it didn’t matter what we were offering. They had a guy, if you have a guy that you are convicted on you’re not moving. That’s part of it, you’ve got to find out who will move and what it will cost to move and that’s how we ended up with Tampa.


Q: Brandon you had said that depending on who the team was that you were going to be dealing with would maybe decide who was making that phone call. For Tampa, who was inside the room that initially made the call and reached out to Tampa and how was that package worked?

BB: Joe Schoen initiated that call with them and we had some other calls going. Once Tampa got on the clock Jason Licht gave me a shout back and we ironed it out. We had the close parameters, it was just finalizing the deal once Tampa was on the clock and they knew that we still wanted the pick.


Q: Brandon, was Josh the top guy you were targeting entering tonight or did you need to shift gears as things transpired at the top of the draft?

BB: I don’t want to rank how we had them, but we obviously thought a lot of Josh and thought it was a worthwhile move to go from twelve to seven for the assets that we had to give up. Again, I don’t like giving up assets, but obviously we felt it necessary there. Then with Tremaine we did not expect that and he was there and we felt that we couldn’t let him fall any more. We needed that and thought it was a good fit for us.


Q: Was giving up both first round picks ever an option?

BB: That was an option. Like I said, we had talks with teams where that was an option and saving either part of the twos or both of the twos. Sean can tell you, we worked on our math skills a lot today and point totals and who’s going to do what and teams calling you back. We had a lot of moving parts. Terry was very involved up there helping us. We literally were talking to about four or five teams as it progressed down the line just trying to find the ideal spot for us to land.


Q: When it comes to Josh’s tweets that have surfaced within the last twenty-four hours, did you reach out to guys like LeSean McCoy and Lorenzo Alexander and try to discuss with them so they don’t have a negative outlook on Josh before he even steps foot in here?

SM: Well our leadership, you mentioned a few of the guys within our leadership group there, they really take a lot of ownership in what we do and how we do things around here. We’ve spoken with a number of those individuals and we felt that that was important in terms of doing our due diligence as Brandon mentioned. We take these things seriously, as I mentioned before, in respect to adding any player. Then when this came up it went to another level and so we have spoken with a number of those players on our roster and that, in addition to what Brandon mentioned earlier, is what made us feel comfortable.


Q: Was there any worry, because you guys have been connected to Josh through national media and social media outlets, that you might be uncovered?

BB: Yeah, I mean you’re always worried about what it’s going to cost you. I felt like a lot of people were looking at how much draft capital we had, talking to them earlier in the draft. I felt like people were trying to be aggressive with taking a lot of our assets and you’re always worried about player that you target. Even our second pick, Tremaine, once he started to fall a little bit we were like man if he can go a little bit further we can afford to move up and there is the last couple of picks before we made that move, we were holding our breath in there that we can make that move. We are excited to get them both, but as Sean said they both have to earn the right. Nothing is given here. It’s the same motto as when Sean got here and when I got here last year. They will both come in here and understand our culture. I think they will both fit very well and they will have to earn whatever playing time they get here, if any.


Q: The reaction to the Josh Allen pick on social media has been overwhelmingly negative, do you care at all?

BB: No. We have to do what’s best for the Bills. We understand the position we are in. Not everyone is going to agree with the decision. If we had drafted a different quarterback I’m sure people probably would’ve disagreed with that for other reasons and we all know that quarterback is a hot topic no matter what. Even if Josh’s stuff that we had vetted out today had not been a part of it, I’m sure there would have still be social media or national media. We get it, but all we expect is for Josh to come in here and earn the trust and respect of his team. That’s the thing we care about, what’s inside this wall and the organization all the way up to Terry and Kim.


Q: What about for you personally? This is the first draft that you have run and this can potentially be a career defining pick?

BB: We’ve got a lot of picks left, or at least some, I didn’t trade them all away yet. It’s one of those things where we will see what happens. He has to earn the right so it’s not like we did anything exceptional. You draft, you’re excited. Somebody said upsider talent. You’re excited about the young man that you’re bringing into the organization, but they will have to earn the right and we are still excited about the picks we have left. We know we’ve got work to do and hopefully some good players that fit what we are doing fall to us, I think our next pick is at the bottom of three.


Q: Tremaine has tremendous upside, he is very young he is nineteen, what is the learning curve like for a guy that young?

SM: Well it is a little bit unusual that he is nineteen, you don’t find that every year, that type of athlete at that age. We are able to bring in a number of players, thirty players according to league rules, so we were able to bring Tremaine in and also meet him at the combine. So we had multiple interactions with him and part of those interactions involved going through the mental part of the evaluation as well so we were comfortable.


Quarterback Josh Allen

Scouting Report | QB Josh Allen – Wyoming


Q: Hey Josh, congratulations.

A: Thank you, thank you. I’m excited.

Q: Josh, when did you know or at least get an inkling that the Bills were very interested in you and how far back can you go kind of pinpointing them as one of the teams you’d land with?

A: Well, when they came out and visited me in Wyoming, I knew that they had some serious interest. They put me on the board and we talked about a lot of things. I went to their facility, we talked about football, they expressed their interest there, and then tonight. I understood they were trying to trade up [to] a couple different spots and it never happened. Fortunately enough for me, it happened at [pick number] seven and I’m super blessed, super excited to be a Buffalo Bill.


Q: How difficult has this 24-hour period been given the lows and highs that you’ve gone through after what’s gone on?

A: It’s been really tough just because my family knows, my teammates know, I know the type of person I am. Those tweets don’t reflect the type of person that I am. It was very hard to be under that scrutiny for something that happened so long ago. I do take it on the chin; it was on my twitter feed. There’s nothing I can change about it; if there’s some way I can go back and fix that thing- but I can’t. I’m going to take it and I’m going to learn from it and I’m going to be better from it and hopefully, people can use me as an example.


Q: The Bills said that they circled back, they talked with you, they talked with your coach, teammates, about the situation. How much contact did you have with the Bills specifically after the tweets and the reports surfaced?

A: Yeah, I talked to them, I’d probably say around noon today, just explaining what happened [and] why it happened, the circumstances of the tweets and try to explain that that’s not me. That’s not the type of person that I am and they did their due diligence, they talked to my coaches, they talked to my teammates, and my teammates and my coaches backed me. They definitely believe that I’m a high character guy because I am. I’m going to show that every day. I’m going to go to Buffalo, I’m going to earn respect from my teammates, going to earn respect from my coaches and that’s how I’m going to go about it.


Q: Hey Josh, I’m sure you’ve heard that it snows and it rains and gets cold here in Buffalo, but that’s something that you’ve had some experience with.

A: Absolutely. Being in Laramie, I think out of all four or five quarterbacks in this draft, I’m the one that was suited for Buffalo – the type of atmosphere that you have to play in, the weather, the toughness it takes to play in a cold weather place. I was that guy. I’m fortunate enough that they came up to get me [and] I’m going to be forever grateful to be a Buffalo Bill. Hopefully, I call this place home for the next 15 to 20 years.


Q: Josh, what do you say to Bills fans who are going to go look up some of your stats? I know you had a down year statistically. What do you say to fans looking up your completion percentage and that kind of stuff?

A: Don’t do it. Don’t look at the stats, trust me. I’d say, watch some game films, watch some of the stuff that I can do. I think very few quarterbacks can do some of the stuff that I can do and I take pride in that. Definitely got to learn and trust what my coaches tell me. I’m going to get in the quarterback room, get with Nate [Peterman], get with AJ [McCarron], [and] try to become the best quarterback, the best teammate, that I can be whether it’s playing right away, whether it’s sitting and really learning from these guys, [that] is what I’m going to do. I just want to help this team win football games.


Q: How do approach that balance, Josh, of knowing you want to be the guy versus knowing you need to develop further and prove yourself at this level?

A: Obviously, it means a lot. I want to be talked about [as] one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game; I know that’s no small task, but with the coaching staff here, the teammates that I’m going to have, I definitely think I’m going to be put in a good position to help this team win. Like I said, I’m going to be hungry every day. I’m going to come to work. I’m going to bring my lunch pail and put my head down, and, like I said, be the best quarterback that I can be day in and day out. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but set your goals high; that’s always what I’ve firmly believed in. I’m going to do everything in my power to be the best quarterback that I can be.


Q: When you had your doubts while going through talks with the Bills at noon today, what sense of relief was there in knowing that this team had the faith in you to actually still trade up despite what had happened over night? To trade up and still take you at seventh overall?

A: It was (a) tremendous relief. I got the news last night about everything happening. I was extremely down in the dumps, I was very emotional just because I know that that’s not me; I know I’m not the same person that I was six years ago. Whatever happened, happened. Everything happens for a reason. I definitely think I was destined to be a Buffalo Bill and I’m extremely grateful that they went out of the way. They stuck out their neck for me and now it’s my chance to go prove and make sure that they look like they did the right move by trading up for me.


Q: Can you tell us about your interactions with the owners Terry and Kim Pegula? We were told that they actually came out and were part of the contingency that watched you work out and meet you in Laramie.

A: Yeah, I mean it was fantastic meeting them. Obviously, they’re pretty beloved in Buffalo. They’ve done a lot of great things there and getting to talk to them, they’re really all about Buffalo football. Obviously, they have the Sabres, too. Just their involvement and everything really makes me happy that I’m playing for an owner that really cares about his players, really cares about his team,[and] is going to do everything in his possible power to make this team as successful as possible.


Q: Josh, tell us why fans should be excited about you coming to Buffalo.

A: I definitely think they should be excited because I’m a guy that wants to win and I definitely think that Buffalo deserves a team that goes on to win playoff games and Super Bowls. Like I said, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get there, but I’m the type of guy that’s going to put my head down and I’m going to do everything humanly possible to make that happen, like I said, whether that’s starting right away, whether it’s sitting behind AJ or Nate becoming the best teammate that I can be. Really pushing this team towards, ultimately, greatness is what I want.


Q: Josh, when Brandon Beane came out, he said of you, “this kid is ‘Buffalo’”. What does that mean to you?

A: It means I’m tough. That’s the word association I have with Buffalo. It takes a tough person to play in Buffalo, it’s a tough place to play, [and] they’ve got a tough fan-base. I definitely think it’s a match made in heaven. The type of things I’ve done in my college career and in the environment I’ve played in, coming to Buffalo, having similar environments, similar weather, I definitely think that’s where I really fit. [I’m] big, tall, strong-armed guy that can cut through the wind and I think that’s definitely necessary for a quarterback in Buffalo.


Q: Josh, what have the last few months been like for you? You come from a small farm town, you play college football at Wyoming, and then, over the last few months, you’re the subject of national debate. People have been picking apart every bit of your game and then last night the tweets come out. What has this sort of shock to the system been like the last few months?

A: It’s been surreal just knowing where I came from. I was sitting in junior college a few years ago, so to think that this was possible to be sitting here having a Buffalo Bill hat and rejoicing with my family, it seemed distant, it seemed like it might never happen, but I never gave up the faith. Obviously, the tweets and stuff, that wasn’t the greatest deal, but God works in mysterious ways and, one way or another, I was going to be a Buffalo Bill.


Q: Did you steer clear of Twitter these past few months?

A: I deleted it the last few days and I don’t even want to see it for a while. I had to post a few things for some content things, but I’m going to stay off of it and really be as close as I can with my family and my coaching staff and my teammates. That’s what I’m going to do.


Q: Do you feel like the Twitter thing recently caused you to fall in the draft?

A: I don’t think so, I don’t. There was a lot of uncertainty with what was going to happen with me, but I guess we’ll never know. Whether that happened or not, I really wanted to be a Buffalo Bill and to be with this coaching staff, it’s going to be a blessing.


Q: When you met with the coaches here, what stood out when you met with the new offensive coordinator and how you might fit into their plans on offense?

A: Well, obviously coach Daboll is pretty new to the system, so to jump in kind of learn it as he’s teaching it is going to be special. The things that he’s done in his past, to have the success that he’s had, and to coach under the coaches that he has, he brings a lot to the table. Obviously, coach McDermott took the team to the playoffs last year. I couldn’t be more excited about the coaching staff that I’m playing for, the quarterback coach, coach Culley. [He’s a] fantastic guy [and] I’m looking forward to being in the room and on the board with him almost every day.


Q: Did they get you on the board? How in depth was that process with Buffalo?

A: It wasn’t too in depth when I went to visit them, but it was pretty in depth when they came to see me in Laramie. They put me on the board, they ran me through some of their plays, some of their formations and stuff like that. I really think they got a sense of that I was a quick learner, [I] was able to pick up on some of the stuff they were preaching. I just think it’s a fantastic fit from start to finish.


Q: What areas of quarterbacking do you feel you need to improve on the most?

A: Obviously, everybody wants to talk about the accuracy and completion percentage at 56 percent, which is not good enough by any means. I’m here to help this team win and put this team in whatever position I can to win whether that’s completing the ball 70 percent, I’m going to give it to my coaches, trust coach Culley and what he’s telling me, coach Daboll when he’s calling plays and understanding what we’re trying to do as an offense so that would enable me to help our offense stay on the field, keep our defense off, and ultimately put us in a better position to win football games.


Q: Josh, everybody seems to call you a project. Do you agree with that? Are you a project and when do you expect to play?

A: Well, I hope everybody’s a project. I hope you’re not a finished project when you first jump into the NFL. We’ve all got a lot of learning to do, not just quarterbacks, but every position. It’s a transition period where everybody’s got to learn, everybody’s got to get better. Everybody’s got to adjust to the systems that they’re in. To be called a project is nothing crazy to me. I take it as a compliment that I’ve got a lot left to do [and] a lot left to grow.


Q: You mentioned the Pegulas owning the Sabres. What do you know about hockey? I mean, are you a fan of hockey, do you watch the game at all?

A: I do watch the game. I will say, there’s hardly anything better than playoff hockey except throwing touchdowns and winning football games. My sister actually worked for the Anaheim Ducks for a little bit and we got to go to a few games there. The excitement and just the pure energy inside of a hockey arena is something special.


Q: Some believe that accuracy is a tough thing to teach and improve upon. Some believe that sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Just what do you think of that as a concept? Do you think that’s true or false?

A: I think it’s false. I definitely look back at my film and when I did miss, it was large in part due to my feet. Making sure that I’m consistently setting my feet right, throwing on time, short stride, and when I do those things, I’ve seen a lot of results. Going back to the senior bowl and the pro bowl, not the pro bowl, senior bowl and the combine, pro bowl is yet to come, I did see some results in that with Jordan Palmer. I’m going to continue to do that, continue to work on it, and continue to trust that process.


Q: Has that been the biggest thing you’ve been working on? Maintaining the base and structure there when it comes to accuracy?

A: Absolutely, and just making sure that anytime I’m throwing from in the pocket, it’s the same exact way; it’s the same stride, it’s the same follow through, it’s very compact. Jordan Palmer’s done a great job with me on that. I can’t be happier with him being by my side.


Q: Are you expecting to start opening day or what is your expectation on that?

A: No, not at all. I expect to go in, I expect to compete, I expect to earn the job whether it’s game one, it’s midway through the season, it’s a year, maybe two years later. Whatever it may be, I’m going to be the best teammate I can be. I’m going to play whatever role I can to help this team win. Ultimately, being a starting quarterback in the NFL is what they drafted me to be, so I’m going to go out there and try and earn their respect and prove, like I said, that they made the right decision.


Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds

Q: Hi, Tremaine, congratulations. Welcome to Buffalo.

A: Thank you, I appreciate it.


Q: Can you tell us a little about your interactions with the Bills in the pre-draft process leading up to tonight and when you thought, if you ever did, that they might select you tonight?

A: Yeah, it was good. I went to visit them and everything was good. We talked a lot of ball, got a tour of the facility, [and] went around Buffalo for a little while. Everything was good, man, and I’m happy.


Q: Do you envision yourself playing? How you talked with the coaches about where you might play? I know they just lost their middle linebacker, Preston Brown, but you can kind of play all over the linebacking- the second level. Have you talked about that?

A: Yeah, I’m versatile, so I can kind of move around. I’m just going to come in wanting to compete. [I] just really want to learn from some of the older guys that are there and help the team and ultimately win.


Q: Tremaine, was it at all discouraging when you started to fall down the board possibly farther than you expected?

A: I mean, it’s the NFL draft, things like that happen. I think one of the biggest things is to keep your poise and to remain humble and remain in the moment. It was a big time moment and I’m happy. Everything still worked out good for me.


Q: What was this process like and this night like for your family just with the two of you guys going?

A: Man, it was great. Definitely to see my other brother get drafted tonight, it was a big time relief for my whole family. I know everybody’s excited and I’m excited. It’s a long time coming, but we can finally say that we made it.


Q: How does it make you feel that the Bills were willing to spend some extra draft picks to trade up for you?

A: Man, it makes me feel great. To do a move like that and come up and get me, you can’t overlook things like that. I’m extremely honored [with] just me being that person. They see a lot in me, so I’m telling you, I can’t even put into words how I’m feeling.


Q: Assuming you’re on the Bills opening day roster, you’re going to be one of the youngest players to ever play in an NFL game. What are your thoughts on just being younger than everyone else out here?

A: I’ve always been a young guy [on] whatever team that I was on. I’m a mature guy, so I just say, just listened to my dad [and] my brother because they’ve been through the process. [I will] try to get things from them and continue to do the things I was doing and be the best player that I can be.


Q: Given that you are still only 19, how much room do you still have to improve, especially physically, but also as a whole?

 A: I definitely feel like I can get better. A lot of guys feel the same way, but I know I definitely feel like that. There is always room for improvement in all parts of my game. I am just looking forward to getting started and improving in the NFL.


Q: What’s it like to have you and your brother to be drafted in the same round to be drafted, apparently it’s the first time in NFL history?

 A: It’s history and I real feel good about it and I’m really excited. I was doing interviews and I heard his name and I thought, ‘this can’t be real,’ and its history. It’s something that will never be forgotten.


Q: Have you had any conversations with the Bills other first round pick the quarterback?

A: Yeah, I had talked to the quarterback for a quick second and it was a quick conversation, but everything was good though. I’m excited to get started with him and developing in this journey that we are about to go on.


 Q: What should Bills fans be excited about in your words when they come to One Bills Drive?

A: They are just getting a guy that loves to compete and loves to win. I’m excited just for the fans because I’ve heard about Bills mafia and about the fanbase up there and I feel like that drives players and that’s going to drive me and I’m excited.


Q: What do you know about the city itself?

 A: I’ve heard about the wings and it’s kind of crazy because wings are actually my favorite food, so I am looking forward to that too.


Q: What is one thing that you can tell us about your brother that nobody knows?

 A: I can definitely say he’s an extremely hard worker and someone that never really gets down on himself. He is always confident in everything that he does and that’s the type of person that he is. He is unbelievable to me and I’m not just saying that as his brother, but anyone that you talk to will say the same thing that he works extremely hard.

Transcripts courtesy of the Buffalo Bills


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